Catering Menu

Serves 10-12

Garden Salad- $35 Mixed green salad with onions, mushrooms, carrots and croutons.

Caesar Salad- $35
Romaine lettuce, parmesan, lemon & croutons classic Caesar dressing.

Pasta Salad- $40
Chilled fusili pasta tossed with vegetables in a basil vinaigrette.

Spinach Salad- $35
Roasted walnuts, tomatoes, onions, gorgonzola cheese & cranberries, honey mustard dressing.

Spring Mix- $35
Roasted walnuts, tomatoes, onions, gorgonzola cheese & cranberries, balsamic vinaigrette.

Grilled Vegetable Antipasto- $55
Assorted grilled seasonal vegetables in a lemon herb marinade.

Tullio’s Antipasto- $55
Pasta salad with assorted meats, cheese, and marinated vegetables served with shrimp or chicken.

Fresh Fruit Salad (Ordered day before)- $56
Mixture of Fresh seasonal fruit.

Add chicken or shrimp to any salad for $5


Tullio’s Specialty Pastas               
Serves 10-12

Mare Bosco- $70
Linguine pasta sautéed with prawns & chicken in tomato sauce.

Jambalaya Risotto- $70
Italian rice with sautéed prawns, mushrooms, chicken & sausage in a tangy tomato sauce.

Tortellini Alla Pana- $70
Tortellini tossed with peas, prosciutto, cheese & cream.

Angel Smoked Salmon- $70
Smoked salmon, garlic, tomatoes, roasted red peppers & spinach in a white wine sauce.

Angel Hair Chicken- $70
Angel hair tossed with chicken & spices in a light tomato sauce.

Pasta Alla Tullio-$70
Penne with grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, and sundried tomatoes served in a wine sauce with a hint of basil.

Ravioli Pesto-$70
Homemade Ricotta cheese and basil ravioli in a creamy Pesto sauce.

Homemade Pasta & Sauces      
Serves 10-12

Sauce choices include: Napoletana, Meat Sauce or Tomato Basil.




Angel Hair-$50





Lasagna (Meat Sauce)-$70

Spinach Vegetarian Lasagna-$70
(Ordered Day Before)

Other Sauces Available for an additional charge: Alfredo, Romano, Pesto Cream & Garlic Cream


Tullio’s  Specialty Dishes

Grilled Chicken Breast- $5ea.
Chicken breast marinated with Italian herbs & lemon.

Chicken Parmigiana- $6.50 ea. Breaded chicken breast oven baked with Napoletana sauce & cheese.

Chicken Piccata- $6.50 ea.
Chicken breast sautéed with Chablis wine & capers.

Chicken Marsala- $6.50 ea.
Chicken breast sautéed with herbs, fresh mushrooms & Marsala wine.
Veal cutlets baked with Napoletana sauce and cheese.

Eggplant Parmigiana- $70  (Serves 10-12)
Eggplant layered with Napoletana sauce and mozzarella cheese.


Served with pasta salad

Made with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pepperoncini & pesto mayonnaise.

Turkey- $11.50
Served on homemade focaccia bread.

Veal Cutlet- $13
Served on homemade focaccia bread.

Grilled Chicken- $11.50
Served on homemade focaccia bread

Vegetarian- $11.50
Grilled eggplant, zucchini & roasted red peppers, served with provolone cheese.

Meatball Sandwich- $11.50
Homemade meatballs & meat sauce.

Italian Deli- $11.50
Salami, ham, prosciutto & provolone cheese.

Steak Sandwich- $12.50
Grilled Sirloin steak.

Grilled Sausage- $11.50
Fresh ground pork patty, roasted red peppers & meat sauce.

Italian Club- $11.50
Ham, Turkey, pancetta & provolone cheese. 
With Cheese – add $.50


Tullio’s Side Dishes                          Serves 10-12


Sautéed Fresh Vegetables- $40
(Garlic, Olive Oil, Vegetable Stock)

Tullio’s Rice- $30

Tullio’s Meatballs – $2.50 ea

Tullio’s Sausage- $3.50 ea

Garlic Bread (18)- $14  w/cheese -$18


Tullio’s Desserts


Chocolate or Lemon Cheesecake Cupcakes – $3.50

Chocolate Chip Cookie- $1.75


12″ 14″ 16″
Small Medium Large
1. Plain Cheese $12 $16 $21
2. Italian Sausage $12.50 $17 $22
3. Italian Sausage & Mushrooms $13.50 $18 $23
4. Mushrooms $12.50 $17 $22
5. Salami $12.50 $17 $22
6. Ham & Pineapple $13.50 $18 $23
7. Artichoke Hearts $12.50 $17 $22
8. Ham $12.50 $17 $22
9. Pepperoni $12.50 $17 $22
10. Linguica $12.50 $17 $22
11. Olives $12.50 $17 $22
12. Bell Peppers $12.50 $17 $22

Combinations-                                                                                                sm$16.50                             md$21                              lg$27

Vegetarian- Tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, olives and tomatoes.

Tullio’s Special-Tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, salami mushrooms, linguica and olives

Peter’s Special-Tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, ham, linguica, bell peppers, onions and sausage

Carbonara (no sauce)-Fresh tomatoes, cheese, pancetta, pesto, garlic and oregano

Spicy Herb Chicken (no sauce)-Fresh tomatoes, cheese, marinated chicken, scallions and herbs

Barbara’s Special (no sauce)-Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, feta cheese, red onions, bell peppers, calamata olives, roasted eggplant and oregano

Additional Toppings Available:-Tomatoes, garlic, pesto, pineapple, onions, pepperoncini, eggplant, beef, broccoli, spinach.

Specialty Toppings Available:-Pancetta, zucchini, clams, shrimp, chicken, anchovies, prosciutto, feta cheese, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes.